The most important event in the economic field, the Annual General Assembly of the Danube Chambers of Commerce Federation, took place at CCIA Timis

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Date: 28/09/2022 15:11 - 28/01/2046 15:11

The most important event in the economic field, the Annual General Assembly of the Danube Chambers of Commerce Federation, took place at CCIA Timis

TIMIŞOARA. The most important economic event of the year, the Annual General Assembly of the Danube Chambers of Commerce Federation, was hosted for the first time by the Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. The meeting took place at the Regional Business Center in Timisoara and gathered together economic experts from the Danube countries, but also from Istanbul.

The meeting was opened by András Rév, the president of DCCF and Florica Chirita, the president of CCIAT and the host of the event, who spoke about the importance of the Federation, but also about the plans it outlines for the next period.

For us and for all the chambers of commerce is very important this meeting, so you know that it was not easy to convince them that the General Assembly of the Danube Chambers of Commerce Federation to take place in Timisoara. We hope that next year, in February-March, we will also organise a forum in which companies will participate. Since this event we have many expectations, as I said the purpose of the meeting is to promote the objectives of the European Union on behalf of the Federation, as well as the Federation is always in connection with the cross-border chambers of commerce and not only, and hence the events and actions will be every year, we believe three, four. It is very important to have 16 chambers of commerce from 8 countries to be brought together, the presidents of the chambers who still have the opportunity to bring together important companies and meeting today, we can contribute to the multiplication of the actions that have been so far. We are host for the first time at this general meeting. I am convinced that each representative of the respective countries will come up with proposals for next year", says Florica Chirita, President of CCIA Timis.


After a long time we have the opportunity to meet all of us what is very important, because due to the COVD pandemic, two years we could not organise meetings. Last year such a meeting was organised in Istanbul, but only a few people were able to reach, now we hope there will be more members, here at the meeting in Timisoara. We are happy and accepted with pleasure the invitation from the Timis Chamber of Commerce and we hope that after this difficult period to reorganise and resume the normal activity of the Danube Chambers", says Andras Rev, President of the Danube Chambers of Commerce Federation.

During the Assembly, a number of organizational issues were discussed, but also of a strategic nature. Basically, were presented the report of the activities carried out by the Federation from the General Assembly last September, financial report, opportunities for projects financed by the EU, presentation of an event to be held in Budapest — Product Fair in Royal Castle of Budapest, the possibility of organising the DUNAUFEST event, organised in July in Ulm, and in the other Danube countries, the Federation’s priorities for the period 2022/2023, setting the date and location of the next meeting.

I am glad that this meeting is being held in Romania, in Timisoara, thanks to the President of the Timis Chamber, we have colleagues from all over the Danube area and not only, because they are also from Istanbul, and following this meeting we hope to develop the collaboration of the chambers of commerce and industry in the Danube area and especially to develop the business environment in our area and here I am referring to Europe, through joint projects. For us the biggest challenge is to make the Danube navigable from side to side, so that the two blocking points that exist on the Danube, Bulgaria and Hungary disappear so that the goods from Constanta-Sulina reach the North Sea. We have signals that we are working in Bulgaria on this project, to hope that we will be able to do the same with Hungary," said Iuliu Stocklosa, President of the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Is an opportunity for all of us to become partners and develop projects for Bulgaria and Romania. We represent the Vratsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bulgaria located near the border and have a good cooperation with Romanian partners, we have had more projects with Romanian partners and we are convinced that we will maintain good cooperation in the future. We expect that following today’s meeting at new partnerships", said Maja Milova — Chamber of Commerce Vratsa from Bulgaria.

The importance of these regional meetings are very important, as are the Danube countries for the Serbian economy, because our economy has a surplus in terms of exports for the six Danube countries. The biggest challenge would be to become a single economy, all countries to invest and cooperate to this end," said Igor Kronja, an adviser to the President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.


We have a number of expectations after this meeting, but we need to see practically the daily challenges, such as the energy crisis, climate change, the war in Ukraine and much more, and we need to realise that only one country cannot solve these problems, but we have to work together. I am glad that this meeting was organised because I think we have the chance to help solve the problems in the future. Concretely there are topics that we work on are related to air traffic, road traffic and traffic on the Danube, the second topic is education, which is the key to many challenges in the future, and thirdly we will address the problems of city agglomeration, the pressure in the central area, we will analyse the situation in other cities. These would be the points we will discuss today,"said Christian Moser, Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria and Vice-President of the Board of the Danube Chambers of Commerce Federation.

At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the chambers of commerce had the opportunity to tour the city and participate in a wine tasting — an opportunity to discover Timisoara through its history and architecture as well as the success story of Recas wine.


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